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My First StageIt Show RECAP

Last night was a refreshing first — my first worldwide StageIt concert (online). Although I performed a 50-min concert from the comfort of my own living room, 25 guests from Alaska, New Jersey, Canada, U.K., Los Angeles, Utah, Houston, Connecticut and MANY other places across the land, watched it live from their home computers; chatting, asking questions, submitting requests and even winning prizes along the way.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but, when it ended, I knew it was a success.


Tyler Stenson on StageIt

Admission to the online concert was a “pay what you can” format, meaning, people were able to participate for as little as ten cents. However, as you can see in the results below, fans were able to tip across the hour (with both money and/or interaction) and win some really cool prizes as a result.

#1 TOP SUPPORTER: CTWassmuth w/ 1500+ notes ($150)
Had her request granted, plus the prize below!

All won a hand-written ‘thank you’ note and download card!

jhakala – 550 notes ($55)
Regime_Ent – 500 notes ($50)
burystone – 301 notes ($30)
Natalie_Vandehey – 200 notes ($20)
stephd223 – 200 notes ($20)

Won a t-shirt and signed CD of her choosing!

Q: “If you had 5 mins of the world’s attention. Which of your songs would you choose to play? and why?”

A: As the Crow Flies. Because I am a proud lyric-first artist but recognize that the world needs a hook to latch onto, I believe this song is the best of both worlds. In just 5 minutes it would display some of my most poetic and poignant lines but also offer a hook that would snare attention. It’s a song that means the world to me but it’s not so introspective that it would exclude others from relating to it. Again, the best of both worlds.

BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MENTION: Grainne Aitken (@artandsoulcan)
Won a t-shirt, signed CD of their choosing and social shout out!

In the end, it was a sold-out show and I got to connect with people that I wouldn’t have been able to connect with otherwise — they even connected with each other, as fellow Elegant Folk. I can’t wait to do this again on Sunday April 27th @ NOON.

Tyler Stenson on StageIt

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6 Responses to “My First StageIt Show RECAP”

  1. Grainne Aitken Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful evening Tyler. We enjoyed every minute of it. Loved the songs you played and how you introduced them, giving us a little background into how they came into being. You are an amazing artist and we wish you more and more success, you deserve it. Oh, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
    PS : Do you have a photographer already?!!!

  2. Natalie Ann Says:

    I miss last night #StageIt again !!!!! Hurry :)

  3. Tyler Stenson Says:

    I was happy to do it. Such fun. No, we do not have a photographer yet …

  4. Cindy Wassmuth Says:

    Hi Ty! I asked Monique the same…can these be viewed again…obviously not live?! Are they taped or recorded by StageIt? Would love to have a copy if so!!! I agree with Grainne above. Knowing the background behind songs makes a huge difference. Just wanted to point out that Tyler has many YouTube videos explaining his songs. Just an open book you are, talented one! ;) Be sure and check them out!!!

  5. Tyler Stenson Says:

    I’ll look into it and let you know … at first glance, I don’t see a playback or archive, but I’ll keep digging!

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