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Tyler Stenson photo by Lisa Armstrong

Lyrics & Poetry

All words by Tyler Stenson © 2012

As of Late | moose lodge sessions
As the Crow Flies | bittersweet parade
Babysitting the Cowboy | ocs & another gleam
Best Laid Plans | some days i'm a lion
Better Be Us All | another gleam
Big Hearts | another gleam
Blush | bittersweet parade
Cannonball | the low ceiling
Carry On | another gleam
Cellophane | another gleam
Clementine | mississippi studios
Clover | long before the wheel
Come Around | another gleam
Daffodils | long before the wheel
Devil Came Knocking | some days i'm a lion
Easy, No | some days i'm a lion
Everybody & Change | moose lodge sessions
Explode | bittersweet parade
Feeling the Sun | another gleam
Fight til Dying Day | bittersweet parade
Fingertip | another gleam
Getting Old | another gleam
Ghost | mississippi studios
Gravity | orange chrome sky
Great Man's Funeral | bittersweet parade
Head & Heart | some days i'm a lion
I Get No Sleep | bittersweet parade
I Might Be Gone | orange chrome sky
Immortal | poem
Leave Oregon | long before the wheel
Leaves Blow By | some days i'm a lion
Little Light | unreleased
Lover Things | some days i'm a lion
Mackenzie Rides Motorcycles | the low ceiling
Miles From Bed | orange chrome sky
Monday and a Mountain | lovely little victory NEW
Music... | moose lodge sessions
My Love, My Love | some days i'm a lion
Nameless Beautiful | orange chrome sky
Often & Much | some days i'm a lion
Old Things | unreleased
Opus of the Pines | lovely little victory NEW
Paper Plane | another gleam
Plaid | orange chrome sky
Popo Agie | another gleam
Push That River | bittersweet parade
Radiate | orange chrome sky
Ramblin Kind | lovely little victory NEW
Rome Tomorrow | the low ceiling
Screwtape | single NEW
Separate Things | another gleam
Shade | the low ceiling
Something Beautiful | the low ceiling
Spinning Me | mississippi studios
Stand Around | moose lodge sessions
Stars & Scars | lovely little victory NEW
Suddenly Afternoon | moose lodge sessions
That Moon | long before the wheel
That I'll Know You... | some days i'm a lion
The Arsonist | some days i'm a lion
The Bus | another gleam
The Road | bittersweet parade
These Days | moose lodge sessions
The Sequel | orange chrome sky
The Tumble | poem
This Too Shall Pass | some days i'm a lion NEW
Too Late, Tonight | unreleased
Too Strong | moose lodge sessions
True Royal Blue | some days i'm a lion
Turpentine | orange chrome sky
Twelve Month Love | moose lodge sessions
We Grow | long before the wheel
Welcome the Change | bittersweet parade
What I Feel Like as Winter Comes | orange chrome sky
When the Mind Races | poem
Where There's a Will... | unreleased
Whistle Stop | ocs & another gleam
Wyoming | bittersweet parade
You Already Know | bittersweet parade

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