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Tyler Stenson Show + Tour Schedule

    !! ATTENTION !!

    You'll notice less shows on the schedule than typical. To be transparent, this lack of dates is because:

    1) I'm currently in the recording studio, working on all new material.
    2) Rather than battle the holidays, I've opted to join them, by focusing my energy on private events.
    3) I've been planning a huge event of a totally different variety -- I'm getting married in January!

    After the holidays (and my honeymoon), I will return ... in full force.

    Until then, enjoy The Season to the fullest.

    Much love,


  • NOV 14The Old Church(w/ band)
  • w/ Krista Herring & Will Evans
  • Portland, OR

  • NOV 22Private Event(solo)
  • Portland, OR

  • NOV 28Private Event(solo)
  • Salt Lake City, UT

  • DEC 09 Private Event(solo)
  • Seattle, WA

  • DEC 11 Private Event(solo)
  • Portland, OR

  • DEC 13 Private Event(solo)
  • Portland, OR

  • DEC 14 Private Event(solo)
  • Lake Oswego, OR

  • DEC 16 Private Event(solo)
  • Portland, OR

  • DEC 19 Private Event(solo)
  • Portland, OR

  • DEC 20 Private Event(solo)
  • Portland, OR

  • JAN 08 Private Event(solo)
  • West Linn, OR

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